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Anonymous sent: im so excited for sin part 8 like thanks for being awesome

well im :s :s cause someone literally messages me saying that’s their dream relationship pls nO LOVE URSELF 

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Larry AU : Harry sends his future husband Louis a mini video message. 

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Anonymous sent: I'd like to thank you for the existence of Sin and for letting it have 7 parts. It is literally the epitome of my ideal relationship but also not bc u know BUT I AM KUST SO GLAD IT EXISTS U KNOW LIKE I LOVE IT SO MUCH IT SPEAKS TO ME ON A SPIRITUAL LEVEL THANK U BAE

its not ur ideal relationship ffs don’t be influenced by it pLEASE 

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congrats, mama

congrats, mama

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"if u ask me for a fuckin nacho imma fuckin stab u wit the fuckin nacho"


oh maybe u can have a nacho, u cute


here cutie have nacho

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Harry arriving at LAX airport - 21.07

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my blog is a warzone rn pls dont click on me pls

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and she says…

and she says…

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im feeling so creative i made a the 1975 edit and also im gonna change my theme